Seminar 2019

 Technology ( Computer, Internet &  Mobile )  for  Ministry Development

Veneu : ICSA-Paripurna Centre, Manapakkam,  Chennai – 600125

Date    :  16th September  (  Saturday ) 2019 Time    :   9 AM TO 5 PM.

God enabled us to conduct a Training Seminar for the all the Ministers of God ( Pastors, Evangelists, Youth Workers, etc.,). The Seminar commenced with a Prayer & Worship by Mr.Ruben.  

Mr. Ebenezer Premanand ( Proprietor, Technology for Christ  & Chief-Organiser / Seminar, welcomed the Seminar Speakers and the participants followed by Seminar Instructions.   

A book containing Tools & Apps was distributed to each participant which had 25 topics.  The sessions started off with a presentation on by J. Ebenezer Premanand with useful Websites, Apps & Tools for Ministry Development.

Subjects on Social Media, Cyber, Computer Security, Artificial Intelliegence, useful Websites and Tools for Ministry Development were dealt with. This year we had the privilege of having guest Resource persons Mr.Glady, Mr.Royston & Mrs.Stella from CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST introducing the Apps that exposes the love of Christ. The participants were so interested and enthusiased  that they had many questions and also got clarified it.  

Feedback sheets were given to all participants in which many appreciated.  38 participants, 4 Resource Persons and 4 Organizers attended the Seminar which made it a GRAND SUCCESS BY THE GRACE OF GOD.

Lunch, Snacks & Tea was given to all who attended. The Whatsapp group ( Technology for Christ ) will be giving constant updates. etc., for the seminar participants.  I extend my profound thanks to all the Prayer, Physical & Financial Supporters. Special thanks to Resource persons from CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST, Mr.Glady, Mr.Roysten  & Mrs.Stella. 

Also I give my heartfelt thanks to Director. ICSA and Staff for giving us the permission and cooperation in conducting at their premises. Thanks to Mr.Varun who has served us with delicious lunch. Thanks to my wife Rajula and my daughter Hannah for standing by my side in all phases of the event.

Please pray that many more Seminars, Workshops, etc., to be conducted for the extension of God’s Kingdom among all men and women.  

                                       Thank you and God bless You


                                                                                                                          Seminar – Organiser

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